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Caro cidadão,

Neste espaço encontrará algumas sugestões de parceria no âmbito do programa ERASMUS+, propostas para Serviço de Voluntariado Europeu (SVE) e outras oportunidades de parceria. 

As sugestões apresentadas são partilhadas da mesma forma que chegam ao nosso conhecimento, sem quaisquer alterações, nomeadamente no que respeita à língua em que se encontra redigido (mais comum em inglês), pois parte-se sempre do princípio que um trabalho em parceria com países europeus exige, necessariamente, outros conhecimentos linguísticos, além do português.


Dear citizen,

Here you will find some partnership suggestions for ERASMUS + program, European Voluntary Service proposals and another partnership opportunities.

The partnership suggestions are shared in the same way they come to our knowledge, without any changes, namely concerning the language in which it is written (most common in English), because we most always assume that working in partnership with European countries necessarily require other language skills, in addiction to Portuguese.



EVS in Palestine: a step toward better quality

The study visit will focus on the reality of Palestinian accredited NGOs involved in the EVS process since the beginning of the process and will foster the creation of new partnerships.


Italian National Agency (National Agency)

This activity is for participants from:

Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme countries

Application deadline:

18 September 2015

› More details

(The short link for this training offer is

Transromanica – European Heritage

Key Action: Young Learning Mobility

Action: Students and staff mobility

Kind of action: Youth mobility

Date of beginning: 01/12/2015

Duration: 24 months

Date of final: 01/12/2017

The project we´re applying it´s a project of youth mobility from the 18 to 30 years’ old, with a full duration of 24 months, involving 8 countries and the institutions of those countries connected to the cultural Romanesque architectural heritage of Europe.

The participants, organized in groups of 5 young for country (4 + 1 coordinator) will visited all the 8 countries and share housing for 20 days, actions that will occur from 3 months of distance. The participants in every country will be hosted by the national institution of Transromanica and have to execute together one work program which include workshops, visits to the places of the route, exercises, debates, role plays, simulations, outdoor activities, for them to develop competences in the field of cultural and artistic heritage of the Romanesque period, and develop products related to this area, discover new cultures, habits and ways of life from the people and countries involved, promoted learning between pairs, reinforce values like solidarity, democracy and friendship in an environment of non-formal education.

Objectively, we want that this group of 40 young’s travel in 2 years all the countries of Transromanica to know the monuments, acquire competences and knowledge in Romanesque heritage, for them to produce written documents, graphics, multimedia products, among others, products to be used for disclosure of Transromanica in every country, strengthening the bounds between them to create common work synergies.

To produce this applications we need that every institution that want to associate to this project make an inscription in Erasmus+ platform.

First you need to register in the Participant Portal (URF) Unique Register Form. To obtains the login and pass you have to go to

The manual can be obtain in

After you have the login and pass, you have to access the Participant Portal in order to proceed the registration of you institution in

After the registration, the organizations have also to do an upload in the portal of the following documents

After the conclusion of the registration, the organizations need to obtain a PIC, nine digits number that will identify the organization in every application form.

After all this procedures of registration of all entities and the sending to us of these information, that we are able to conclude and submit the application because we need to associate every partner to the application.

Every partner must also define which activities the participants will do in every country because it´s necessary to describe them in the application form.

The project will also contemplate preparatory visits to every country in order to make all the preparations to accommodate the participants.

Scene for unity - Scene

Advanced verbal expression, communication, group leading


Élményakadémia (NGO/Others)

This activity is for participants from:

Croatia, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Portugal, Romania, Slovak Republic, Spain

Application deadline:

15 May 2015

› More details

(The short link for this training offer is


Discurso sobre

o Estado da União Europeia

do Presidente Juncker


Segunda a Sexta
9h00 - 12h30

13h30 - 18h00 


Av. Dr. Nicolau Carneiro, 196

4590-512 Paços de Ferreira

T. +351 255 147 314

     +351 916 096 155 


Se já contactou um Centro Europe Direct, p.f. avalie aqui  a sua atuação. 


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