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Caro cidadão,

Neste espaço encontrará algumas sugestões de parceria no âmbito do programa ERASMUS+, propostas para Serviço de Voluntariado Europeu (SVE) e outras oportunidades de parceria. 

As sugestões apresentadas são partilhadas da mesma forma que chegam ao nosso conhecimento, sem quaisquer alterações, nomeadamente no que respeita à língua em que se encontra redigido (mais comum em inglês), pois parte-se sempre do princípio que um trabalho em parceria com países europeus exige, necessariamente, outros conhecimentos linguísticos, além do português.


Dear citizen,

Here you will find some partnership suggestions for ERASMUS + program, European Voluntary Service proposals and another partnership opportunities.

The partnership suggestions are shared in the same way they come to our knowledge, without any changes, namely concerning the language in which it is written (most common in English), because we most always assume that working in partnership with European countries necessarily require other language skills, in addiction to Portuguese.



“From information to accompaniment of European mobility for youngsters living in a rural area”

The Youth Information Network of the Region Centre Val de Loire consists of 63 Youth Information Points and Bureaus. Our mission is to inform young people about all topics that might affect them in their everyday life. The aim of our work is to lead them to autonomy in their decision-making so that they grow to adulthood.

The Youth Information Points of the departments Cher and Indre, two rural territories of the Region Centre Val de Loire, decided to work on a common project dealing with Europe. These professionals noticed that the youngsters in their territory are not familiar with European mobility and that there are still many obstacles that prevent the professionals from a good success of mobility projects with these youngsters.

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Pilgrimage and outdoor guided activities as a tool for personal development, learning and transformation in youth work and training. Personal experience of a pilgrim who leaves all certainties behind and starts a journey out towards unknown landscapes.


Wanderful team (NGO/Others)

This activity is for participants from:

Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme countries, Other countries in the world, Partner Countries Neighbouring the EU

Application deadline:

31 May 2015

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(The short link for this training offer is

Get Storied! (STORYtelling & EDucation)

Are you passionate about stories? Are you curious to learn how to use storytelling as a tool to support learning and increase the effectiveness and enjoyment of your work with young people? Then this might really be your call to adventure!


Cooperativa Sociale Muovimente (NGO/Others)

This activity is for participants from:

Belgium - DE, Belgium - FL, Belgium - FR, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, United Kingdom

Application deadline:

15 June 2015

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(The short link for this training offer is


Discurso sobre

o Estado da União Europeia

do Presidente Juncker


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