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Caro cidadão,

Neste espaço encontrará algumas sugestões de parceria no âmbito do programa ERASMUS+, propostas para Serviço de Voluntariado Europeu (SVE) e outras oportunidades de parceria. 

As sugestões apresentadas são partilhadas da mesma forma que chegam ao nosso conhecimento, sem quaisquer alterações, nomeadamente no que respeita à língua em que se encontra redigido (mais comum em inglês), pois parte-se sempre do princípio que um trabalho em parceria com países europeus exige, necessariamente, outros conhecimentos linguísticos, além do português.


Dear citizen,

Here you will find some partnership suggestions for ERASMUS + program, European Voluntary Service proposals and another partnership opportunities.

The partnership suggestions are shared in the same way they come to our knowledge, without any changes, namely concerning the language in which it is written (most common in English), because we most always assume that working in partnership with European countries necessarily require other language skills, in addiction to Portuguese.



Partner Search for ERASMUS PLUS VET KA2

Forte Chance Piemonte, an accredited VET provider for Professional Training and Guidance in Regione Piemonte, Italy, is searching for institutions (VET Centres, Professional Associations, Enterprises) active in the fields of renewable energies and sustainable housebuilding, to involve in a Strategic Partnership within the “Erasmus+” Program - Key Action 2

(deadline 30.04.2014).
The project foresees the sharing and creation of innovative didactic tools (also using ICTs), the development of common modules, the realization of moments of joined staff training, and the experimentation of structured curricula in blended mobility.

For contacts and further information:

Forte Chance Piemonte
Progetti Europei
Giampiero Uslenghi

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Erasmus+ Key Action 2 - strategic Partnerships bid

An official partnership group of education providers ( Higher Education institutions, vocational colleges ), employers, secondary schools and County Councils (local government) in South West Wales would like to identify similar ways of working in partnerships to deliver post -16 education ( non-compulsory education) across specific geographical areas ( called Clusters) to develop a Erasmus+ Key Action 2 - strategic Partnerships bid ( deadline: 30 April).

if interested, please contact Rob Hillier at Este endereço de email está protegido contra piratas. Necessita ativar o JavaScript para o visualizar.

See below more information about partnership working in Carmarthenshire and Pembrokeshire ( 2 counties in South West Wales leading on the project)

Shared working to deliver the Curriculum for 14-19 year old students in Carmarthenshire:

In Carmarthenshire, there is longstanding partnership working between the local authority, further and higher education establishments, employers and secondary schools in developing the work of the four 14-19 clusters. Three of these clusters are based on geographical areas and there is one cross county cluster for Welsh language education and training provision.
The most recent Government inspection of these clusters identified the partnership arrangements as providing excellent practice in the education sector in Wales.

They successfully promote co-operation and remove unhelpful competition between providers. They also enable school governors, the further education college, employers and the local authority to plan, monitor and resource an effective 14-19 curriculum that meets the needs of learners in their clusters very well.
Cross authority collaboration makes sure that learners in a rural area benefit from a wide curriculum choice.

In Pembrokeshire there is almost ten year-long history of post-16 collaboration between the 8 secondary schools, local authority and Pembrokeshire College.
Two federations have been set up in the north and south of the county. The federations give learners access to a broad range of general and vocational post-16 courses, and this way of working in partnership is the way the education sector work in Pembrokeshire.

Approximately 200 learners per year access provision in more than one centre, with aligned timetables and transport infrastructure enabling learners to move between centres on a daily basis.
The federation approach has benefitted learner choice and outcomes.

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